Heal Drama

Innovative, effective and creative way to learn English.
Our unique language project focuses on practical situations and conversational skills.


About The Project


Learn English in
real-life situations

We focus on the practical sessions where the participants learn how to make a doctor's appointment, buy a car or pay for school meals. The course also provides the specific information about various available services in Hull, i.e. out of hours GP, walk-in centre, heritage sites and museums and local entertainment. 


Speak English with confidence

Heal Drama course is designed to not only learn grammar and vocabulary, but mainly to gain confidence in speaking English. Our lessons focus on conversational English and practising language skills in everyday situations.


Make friends and feel comfortable

Our lessons are stress-free and based on fun activities which are very effective in learning English. The group is open to everyone, so you can make friends from all around the world.

clients say

I really enjoyed the Heal Drama English project. The atmosphere was fantastic; I felt safe and relaxed. The teacher was helpful and tried to work with each of us personally. These lessons significantly helped me to improve my English language skills, so I am now empowered to integrate within my local community and mix with other people and do things on my own.
It is a great project! I learnt a lot and met fantastic people. I tried different courses before Heal Drama, but never felt so confident in speaking English like now. The teacher is very helpful and in an interesting way helps to improve English. I know how to book appointment and gained some medical vocabulary needed for visiting doctors. Thank you NICE!"