Integrating Hull multicultural community through local culture, art, tradition and heritage. 

The projects aimed to:
1. involve new members of the underrepresented and disadvantaged migrant community in the local heritage.

2. increase understanding and improve experience of local heritage by choosing and delivering information appropriate for participants needs and interest.

3. develop new skills (better communication in English, better orientation in the city, knowledge what is available in terms of art, culture and leisure).

4. gather new knowledge about Hull and share it with their relatives that to improve family life.

5. gain knowledge about future educational opportunities and support the transition proces.

6. improve wellbeing, feeling of safety and being more connected to those around them and to the place they live in.

What participants say?

I mostly enjoyed learning about Hull's history and walking around the Old Town. For me, the history of William Wilberforce and his work to stop slavery, was the most interesting. Now six months later, I feel in Hull more comfortable, more at home.
from Spain
I'm from Bangladesh and I came to Hull 8 months ago. It was difficult for me, diffrerent language and culture. Now, after Hullitage, I know more about this city and it's easier. So many things I learnt, about history, life, language. It's nice to know these things. I feel good, I know some new people.
from Bangladesh
First, when I came here, I felt depressed, weird, anxious. After the project, I feel more confident and more like at home. I liked the most learning the city's history and the language, Hull slang. My favourite phrase in 'ullensian is: 'Bairns are larkin out'.
from Romania

our creative sessions

Hull creative industries

The participants gained knowledge about Hull industries: renewable energy, theatre, music, technology, etc. 

history and tradition of hull fair

As part of the project, we learnt about the long and rich history and tradition of Hull Fair. Unfortunately, this year the fair has been cancelled due to Covid19, but we still celebrated the colourful and entertaining event with fish and chips and traditional fair sweets.

We created #HullFair advertisements in Pashto, Kurdish, Spanish and Bengali. Have a look below!

famous hullensians

This week we have been researching lives and work of famous Hullensians. We learnt about artistic achievements of Richard, Bean, Philip Larkin, Lucy Beamount, Andrew Marvell, Barrie Rutter, Mike Ronson, Sean McAllister. We also investigated work of John Venn, John Prescott, Lil Bilocca and sport careers of Dean Windass, Tommy Coyle and Luke Campbell and many many more.

Theatres in hull

Theatre grows strong in Hull. We have two main theatres – Hull New Theatre and Hull Truck Theatre, but our city has also many creative young theatre companies like: Middle Child Theatre, The Roaring Girls, the Herd Theatre or Silent Uproar. Although, the lockdown did not allow us to go and see the live performance, we watched two amazing productions: Us Against Whatever and Pattie Breadcake: Into the Pantoverse by Middle Child and Prince Charming’s Christmas Cracker by Hull Truck Theatre. We also had a ZOOM meeting with Ruby Thompson and Sam Caseley about their new production.

speaking 'ull

Hull has not only an amazing accent but also unique vocabulary. Today we learnt some new words, practised ‘ull pronunciation and had lots of fun.

local trips

To gain more knowledge about Hull’s culture, history and heritage, we have planned several local trips. 

The deep


hull truck theatre


Unfortunately, the national lockdown 2 and 3 did not allow us to visit Hull Truck Theatre and watch the live performance. However, we took a virtual tour around the building, learnt how and where to book the tickets and most importantly, watch the Christmas pantomime Prince Charming’s Christmas Cracker. The production inspired us to speak about personality traits and write our favourite character’s description. What a great way to learn English!

Discovering Hull's history

Hull’s history is fascinating. The beginning of the Civil War, William Wilberforce and his fight to stop the slavery, fishing industry and Marina. We went for a walk around the Old Town, discovering the pearls of architecture, finding artefacts and following the old map from 17th century.

Spurn Point

What an amazing day it was! We spent a lot of time talking about Hull’s fishing industry and its links with the sea. There was nothing else to do than packing our backpacks and putting hiking boots on and heading for 11 km adventure to the Spurn Point. 17,000 steps later, we were happy to head home and rest.

humber bridge

On 4th March, we went across Humber Bridge for a long walk from Hessle Foreshore to Barton. Prior to the trip, we learnt the history of the bridge, it’s amazing architecture and meaning for the local area.