National Initiative of Creative Education, in alliance with Hull City Council and Rise Academy, have been commissioned to deliver a full-time curriculum for year 11 students who have entered the city at the later stages of KS4. The Learning Sanctuary programme supports up to 25 non-English-speaking learners from 10 different nationalities.

Our provision helps newly arrived young people in the transition process from KS4 into further education. Our programme consists of Functional Skills: English, Maths; BTEC Vocational Qualifications, Life Skills: boxing and sport classes, as well as BTEC Self-Assessment and Career Progression. 

We believe our unique, approachable and creative methods in education raise students’ motivation, self-esteem and lead them to achieve their full potential.

All learners have the opportunity to complete up to 8 qualifications tailored to their personal interest and level. Each learner is guaranteed a progression route in to post-16 education following the completion of the course.

In addition to the curriculum the programme also offers a robust family outreach service which supports whole family engagement considering; social, cultural, immigration, employment, and housing advice and guidance.

Migrant children often come to England with great subject knowledge, talents and great potential, which unfortunately is curbed by the low level of English. Our support helps to fill in the language gap and allow them to thrive and achieve.

Functional Skills - Maths
NICE provides series of Maths courses for young people, from entry level 1, 2 and 3, Level 1 to Level 2. Our lessons help newly arrived migrant improve their maths skills in practical ways. The scheme of work is based on the real-life examples and situations, to build up skills the learners may need for further education, work and day-to-day life.
Functional Skills - English ESOL
Our learners improve their English with Functional Skills ESOL on levels: entry 1, 2, 3, level 1 and 2. The lessons focus on developing skills like: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The scheme of work includes not only grammar and langauge, but also introduces the British culture, local heritage and traditions.
BTEC Award - Sport and Leisuire Activities
We offer BTEC Award - Sport and Leisuire Activities to give them the opportunity to engage in learning and provide a chance to develop a range of sporting skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life.
Hullitage Project
Hullitage Project is a new, creative programme supporting newly arrived in the UK young members of the local BAME communities in integration and adaptation processes.
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At NICE students take part in weekly Wellbeing sessions where to talk about their feelings and emotions, process of adaptation in the new environment and learn coping strategies to deal with mental health issues.
We collaborate with City of Hull Box. Students participate in the 10-week Boxing Bronze Award, which is a great introduction to our boxing award programmes. A basic overview of boxing and the discipline of the sport, the movement and key shots. Students work on the stance & base, movement, straight, hooked shots and their combinations, as well as on defences and circuit training.

Learning Sanctuary Timetable

School Term Dates – Academic Year 2021/22

Autumn Term 2021

Teacher Training Days – 6th September 2021 & 7th September 2021 (2 Days))

Wednesday 8th September
Friday 22nd October
Monday 1st November
Thursday 16th December

Spring Term 2022

Teacher Training Days – 28th February 2022 (1 Day)

Tuesday 4th January
Friday 18th February
Monday 1st March
Friday 8th April

Summer Term 2022

May Day – Monday 2nd May

Monday 25th April
Friday 27th May
Monday 6th June
Friday 22nd July