Our bespoke language courses are design to meet your needs. Whether you are a beginner, wants to learn for pleasure or to develop your professional skills, our qualified and dedicated team is here to help.

In the recent decade, Polish language has become very popular. Open boarders allowed people to not only travel freely, but to get to known different cultures, langauges and traditions. 

Poland is now one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. People from all over the world visit places like Kraków, Gdańsk, Wrocław to get to known interesting culture and history of Poland, see beautiful architecture, taste delicious food and meet new friends.

 Additionally, the Polish community in the UK is continously growing. Polish is the second mostly spoken language on the Island. You must have at least one Polish friend or neighbour, if you are now reading about the courses we offer.

So, no matter what reason you have to learn Polish, we are here to help you achieve your goals

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Individual lessons

NICE offers 1-2-1 individual lessons tailored to your interests and needs. Wheter you prefer face to face or online learning, we are happy to accomodate that. Our highly qualified teacher is here to create a bespoke learning plan for you to learn effectively and efficiently.


Group courses

Do you prefer to learn with others? We offer group lessons in the classroom and online. Whether you are a beginner or already know some Polish, we will find a suitable course for you. Small groups, interesting learning plan, bespoke resources and great atmosphere.


Business courses

Do you trade with Poland? Or maybe employ many Polish workers? Learning Polsih is the best way to develop your business, improve communication and grow network. Our custom-tailored business courses are a great opportunity for CDP.


Exam preparation

NICE will prepare you for any langauge exam. Whether you are aiming to pass GCSE, A Level with AQA or the national language certificate in Poland on level A1-C3, our courses are the best choice.

The Polish lessons teacher at NICE is full of enthusiasm, knowledge about literature and language. She always motivates students and effectively prepares them for the exams. Her lessons are extremely interesting which makes learning enjoyable. Thanks to her help, I felt very well prepared for GSCE and A Level and I passed both for A*.
Before I got to NICE, I tried to learn Polish on mobile apps, but nothing was as effective as this course. The lessons are interactive, well prepared and fun. Any time I had a question about a specific grammar aspect, the teacher spent time to explain it to me in a very approachable way. Now I can travel to Poland and not only order food or book a hotel, but have a conversation with the locals.
English teacher

'With languages, you are at home anywhere.'
Edmund de vaal